New York Diaries – Junoon


Eating choices in New York are limitless…….  Want a 15-course tasting menu at the latest trendsetting restaurant? A plateful of Chinese dumplings? The City has thousands of places featuring cuisines from around the world.

I was in New York last month, visiting my daughter Ria.  She had a lot of fun stuff planned – including a visit to Junoon, which is the flagship restaurant of star chef Vikas Khanna.  I am a big fan of Vikas and couldn’t wait to dine at his restaurant.

Junoon serves a 3 course ala carte meal.  The Menu was innovative and diverse with exotic sounding dishes like Tandoori Octopus, Saloni Macchi, Eggplant chaat etc.  Classic dishes with a contemporary take… would be difficult to decide.

Since we were sweating from the New York heat, we quickly ordered the refreshing Mumbai Margarita.   Then came the appetizers.  Eggplant chaat was amazing —-crispy round eggplants with yogurt tamarind chutney; And the Murgh tikka was tender and delicious, simply melting in the mouth.

For the entrees we chose Malabari Shrimp curry and the Murg Lababdar.  The Shrimp curry was easily the best we have had…literally to die for!  The Murg Lababdar was good but not excellent.


The grand finale was Ma’s Rice Pudding with almonds, puffed rice and caramelized bananas.IMG_6206

All in all Junoon was a nice dining experience and we enjoyed the couple of hours that we spent in its elegant dining room.  Thank you Ria for taking me there!


2 thoughts on “New York Diaries – Junoon

  1. Thanks for posting Renu, I love Vikas Khanns’s recipes. Junoon is on our list of restuarants!
    Did you get to connect with Robin? If you visit Cranbury I would love to meet you.

    • Shaila I was in US in May and did get to meet Robin for a short time (she was busy traveling). Would love to meet you the next time I am in US.
      Do go to Junoon…we enjoyed it.

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