Spinach and cheese balls


Melting in the mouth spinach and cheese balls

Guest recipe by Pratima:

Pratima loves making innovative recipes especially for snacks.  When I was at her place last week, she came up with these really delicious Spinach and Cheese Balls.  This tasty and savory treat combines the goodness of spinach and cheese!  So here is her recipe:

What You need

½ cup boiled spinach

4 bread pieces with edges cut off

¼ cup grated cottage cheese

¼ cup grated processed cheese

Salt, red chilli, chaat masala to taste.

Oil for frying

 How to make:

1.  Knead the bread pieces with the boiled spinach in a bowl..The water of the spinach is enough to make the dough- if too dry then add 1 tbsp of water. Season with salt to taste.


2.  Make filling of both types of cheese with salt, red chilli powder and chaat masala

3.  Make small ball of the dough, and make space to put the filling inside.

4.  Let balls rest in fridge for half hour and then deep fry.


Serve hot  with salad and sauce!




2 thoughts on “Spinach and cheese balls

  1. Thank you Renu for sharing this- its great fun to try out new dishes, and great encouragement to try out even more as you post them in this blog!

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