Chicken and vegetable soup

photo 2 (8)

The cold Delhi November evening called for a warm, nourishing soup!  I explored Khan Market for the ingredients and to my pleasant surprise, I found many shops selling groceries which I was used to in America.  I quickly picked up everything I needed and was able to make this super healthy and tasty soup for dinner.  

What you need :

Serves 4

2 chicken breasts cubed

2 carrots chopped

1/2 cup mushrooms sliced

2 celery chopped

1 cup spinach chopped

1 onion sliced

2 cloves garlic minced

1 tsp ginger minced

Salt and pepper to taste

Butter 1 tbsp

5 cups chicken broth

How to make:

1.  Heat a pot and melt butter.  Add the chicken pieces and stir well with a little bit of salt.  Saute till the chicken changes color and becomes a little tender.  (About 5 – 7 mins).

2.  Now add the garlic and saute for a minute.  Then add the onion and stir till it turns pink.

3.  Throw in the rest of the vegetables and stir well for a couple of minutes.

4.  Add the chicken broth and bring to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes.

5.  Serve hot with a crusty roll of bread.


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