Tapas for dinner in Canada

Last weekend I was in Canada for my sister’s birthday.  The weekend was a lot of fun, starting with the fact that my sister did not know that Ria and I were going to be present for her special day.  The look on her face was priceless when she saw us!   Keeping the surprise was very difficult for me,  given that my sister and I talk everyday!  No birthday  is complete without good food and there was plenty of that as we celebrated  her birthday in a fancy restaurant which served Asian fusion food.  The next day, my niece Anvita, volunteered to make Tapas for dinner.  Within an hour she had rustled up an impressive array of finger foods for our dinner.  Zucchini logs, celery boats, mushrooms topped with goat cheese, coconut shrimps and sauteed asparagus with Chorizo and olives….it was delicious.

photo (76)

She paired this with organic elder flower cordial with a hint of rum.  It was a grand finale to a great family weekend.

photo (73)

Originating in Spain, Tapas are a great way to entertain.   These are small plates of bite sized delicacies and work as an informal alternative to a dinner party.  Legend has it that tapas started out as pieces of bread used to cover drinks to save them from flies.  Soon people started becoming creative and began serving little nibbles along with them. A Tapas party is a very hostess- friendly party…you can do away with forks, knives and plates!

photo (77)

Coconut shrimps

photo (75)

Mushroom topped with goat cheese




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