Travel, leisure and food in India

A trip to the homeland in April has kept me away from this blog. But I am back feeling refreshed and satiated with some of the best food! My first stop was in Delhi to catch up with family. …nostalgia, laughter, and  some great home cooked food made for some amazing times. Achari chicken, mutton do pyaza, kadhi, stuffed eggplant and karela….yumm! We ate out at some delightful places. One of the restaurants that my niece wanted me to try out was the Barbecue Nation.  Each table here had a live grill so that diners could cook their kebabs the way they wanted!  The menu had exciting dishes like paneer tikka lajawab, seekh kebab , Cajun spiced baby potatoes, BBQ prawns, chicken tandoori, etc.

photo (70)

From Delhi to Mumbai, the food trail continued strong. The vibrant and pulsating city of Mumbai has some of the finest restaurants. Alongside these fine dining places, are street side stalls selling food like pao bhaji, vada pao, ragda pattis for which Mumbai is well known for.  My friend, Pramila and her son Rickey, took me to a small and quaint place for dinner called Imbiss, just off Colaba Causeway.


This restaurant serves strictly non vegetarian German fare and its catch phrase is The Meating Joint!  This meat lovers delight serves exotic meats like quail, guinea fowl, turkey and emu amongst others.  I ordered the Pork Schnitzel accompanied by a gravy boat of mushroom sauce to pour over the crispy schnitzel. It was tasty and sumptuous.


photo (72)




photo (71)

I will definitely have to get back to healthy food to lose the pounds which I added!


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