Besan ka cheela

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Simple and delicious

Guest column by Rashmi:

My sister, Rashmi, is a great cook and in the midst of her busy schedule, always finds time to make delicious food.  Her recipe of besan pancakes:

Besan ka cheela are savory pancakes made of gram flour, to which onion, fresh coriander leaves and ginger have been added.  Besan or gram flour has a lower glycemic index, has higher protein content and is gluten-free.  It has folate as well as is a good source of thiamin and vitamin B-6.  It also contains minerals like magnesium and phosphorus. This tasty and nutritious breakfast food can be made in a jiffy.

What you need:

1 cup gram flour

2 tbsp finely chopped onion

1 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves

1 tsp grated ginger

1/4 tsp ajwain (carom seeds)

Salt to taste


How to make:

1.  In a bowl take the gram flour and add all the ingredients. 

2.  Slowly add water and make a thick paste till you have a mixture of a consistency that flows slowly when poured from a spoon.

3.  Heat a shallow pan to medium heat on the stove top and grease it lightly. 

4.  Pour 3 tablespoons of the mixture and spread it lightly and quickly to form a small pancake. When it is done on the one side, flip it to cook the other side and put a tsp. of oil around it.  

5.   When done, put it on a plate and serve it with green chutney or tomato ketchup. 

Note:  If the cheela is cooked on medium heat, it will cook slowly and be more crisp than when cooked on high heat. 


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